Polina & Artem’s Vancouver Wedding, Queen Elizabeth Park

Polina & Artem’s Wedding, Seasons in the park Vancouver

After taking a short break it was great to return to work with an early start to the wedding season this February. This is one of my favourite seasons for wedding photography. There is something just so very magical about winter weddings in Vancouver, British Columbia as the natural lighting makes for such beautiful and stunning photos.

This most recent Vancouver wedding was for a beautiful couple, Polina and Artem, who chose a traditional wedding in a Russian Orthodox Church with all of the same traditions as their home country.

To prepare for the wedding, I visited the church three weeks before the wedding, met the priest and discussed the ceremony, expectations as well as the details and timeline. This allowed me to prepare my photography plan for the day to ensure that I captured every important moment from the time when they first arrived at the wedding ceremony, the walk down the aisle and the vows, the wedding portrait photography inside the church as well as the wedding reception.

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This wedding ceremony is one that stands out to me as it was absolutely beautiful and both Polina and Artem were very sweet delivering their vows. Polina lookedsimply stunning in her wedding gown and both wore crowns as part of the ceremony.

After the wedding ceremony Polina and Artem video called Polina’s parents which was very touching and the newly married couple both looked so happy. Many congratulations were received from the guests and the happy newlyweds then moved to Queen Elizabeth Park for some outdoor wedding photography and outdoor portraits.

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Even in the winter time this park is a beautiful location for photos. Considered to be Vancouver’s ‘horticultural jewel’, it is not only a popular backdrop for wedding photography but it is also a major draw for flora enthusiasts and view-seekers. At 152 metres above sea level, it is the highest point in Vancouver and it made for absolutely spectacular views of the park, city, and the mountains on the North Shore.

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The wedding reception was also held at Queen Elizabeth Park at the restaurant there called Seasons in the Park. There were multiple meal courses, so the couple kept their guests entertained with speeches and games throughout the night. There was such a great energy in the room and overall it was a wonderful party full of celebration and joy. Overall this was another great day.

Thank you, Polina and Artem, for choosing me to photograph your gorgeous winter wedding. I love shooting weddings in Vancouver’s beautiful parks, and yours was simply amazing.

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