Arnie & Mansie’s Wedding Vancouver


As a professional Vancouver wedding photographer, it gives me a lot of pleasure to use my passion to capture the fine details, the spirit and the emotion of each wedding and to ensure these precious moments are recorded forever.

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Recently I had the privilege of taking photos for Arnie & Mansie on their wedding day. The time went very smoothly during my first meeting with Mansie where we discussed the wedding, the photography requirements and expectations, and throughout the wedding day itself.  I immediately felt very comfortable taking pictures of them both. The wedding day began with photos with Mansie where she was getting ready with the help of her friends and her make-up artist. During this time I captured photos of her wedding dress, the preparations and took portraits of the beautiful bride and her lovely bridesmaids.

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Following my time spent with the bride, I traveled to their garden where both the wedding ceremony and the reception were being held. The wedding was in traditional Hindu style and as I arrived I could hear the gentle Hindu music from the live band and feel the relaxed vibe as the food and table settings were being prepared and the flowers were being delicately arranged. While this was happening, I was capturing these moments by walking around, taking shots and documenting the preparations.


Later I joined Arnie in the house where he was getting ready with his family and friends. I took both reportage and portrait photos of the groom and his family and friends, taking care to capture each minute detail and to record these emotionally charged moments with family.

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It is always incredibly special to be part of these moments where I see all of the generations of a family coming together to share their joy. As a wedding photographer, I understand how important it is to ensure in these moments that nothing is missed so I, therefore, have to be very adaptive to conditions of light, weather, places and people. All of these elements need to be carefully and artfully considered and decisions need to be made to ensure each shot is impeccable. When all of the preparations were almost done, I prepared myself for the bride’s arrival by tracing the area where she would be walking and by taking samples shots to measure the lighting. During the ceremony, I was careful not only to capture the wedding vows, the exchange of rings, the first official kiss of the bride and groom, and the rituals that form part of a Hindu wedding but also to capture people’s reactions, the people at the ceremony and everyone who was part of the wedding.

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Every wedding that I capture brings a unique experience and Arnie and Mansie’s wedding stands out to me as one full of warmth, happiness and laughter.  All in all, this was another great experience and beautiful wedding that I was very happy to be a part of.

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